Client Stories

Paving the Way for Success Through an Effective Launch Strategy

MProfesa’s Challenge

Despite their experience in technology and commitment to empowering students in their home country of Kenya, co-founders Eric Kuto and Josphat Magutt needed support to determine the best approach to launch their customized e-learning platform. Their goal was to deliver an online and SMS based tool to provide exam preparation resources to Kenyan high school students.

Start Smart’s Solution

To support MProfesa’s launch, Start Smart worked closely with the team to:

  • Research and prioritize the needs of Kenyan high school students
  • Identify potential risks of alternative launch options
  • Define the minimum viable product to go to market
  • Identify key stakeholders to support an effective launch
What MProfesa has to Say:

Juliana and the Start Smart team are on top of their game. They were able to carefully analyze the problem, set priorities correctly, brainstorm the appropriate approach and ultimately provide guidance to help us work towards implementing the recommendations. The Start Smart team’s passion and determination for entrepreneurship is inspiring, and I'm confident that we'll achieve our goals with their support.

- Josphat Magutt, Co-founder, MProfesa

Delivering High Value Through an Interactive Online Presence

House of Cramer’s (HOC) Challenge

Despite their clearly defined mission, HOC’s founders Supriya Wassiamal and Afua Rida, faced difficulties in identifying a high impact and cost effective means of communicating and building a relationship with their target clientele. To solve this challenge, HOC reached out to Start Smart.

Start Smart’s Solution

To meet HOC’s communications needs, Start Smart diligently worked with its co-founders to:

  • Clearly define their needs
  • Understand the behavior of their target audience
  • Identify the appropriate blogging platform and strategy to deliver high quality content on a regular schedule, while accommodating the team’s busy schedule
  • Continuously engage with their audience and solicit real time feedback through sharing interactive posts and by encouraging reader comments
What HOC has to Say:

Start Smart helped our company determine the best way to launch our brand in somewhat unfavorable circumstances. The advice we received was tailored specifically to meet our needs and took into account important factors, such as our cultural background and our company ‘s mission. Start Smart also helped us set goals, so that we could track our progress. HOC was and continues to be very impressed with Start Smart. They were helpful beyond measure, and we will definitely be using their services in the future.

- Afua Rida, Co-founder, House of Cramer

Building a Virtuous Cycle for African Language Literacy

kasahorow’s Challenge:

kasahorow is committed to promoting African languages; however, one of the key challenges that exist within this space is creating a linkage between African language writers and the appropriate audience. kasahorow sought Start Smart’s help to meet this challenge through the creation of a strategy and implementation plan for growing the number of people who read African languages such as Akan, Acholi, Ga, Gbe, Hausa, Meru, Swahili and Yoruba.

Start Smart’s Solution

To support kasahorow’s needs, Start Smart worked closely with the team to:

  • Identify the most efficient channels to find new and existing African language enthusiasts
  • Develop metrics to evaluate the sustainability of the literacy virtuous cycle needed for each language
  • Monitor metrics and advise on the right combination of resources to make the most impact for each language
  • Advise on the allocation of kasahorow's endowment for long-term sustainability
What kasahorow has to Say:

Start Smart brought accountability to our volunteer-driven operation. Their systematic and data-driven approach finally gave us confidence to expand our literacy drive to as many languages as we could find writers for. So now we are ready to go boldly forward in the next 10 years to connect great African language writing to new reading audiences across the world.

- kasahorow Trustees

Driving Business Performance Through Improved Client Management

Oasis Websoft’s Challenge:

Despite his strong passion for developing innovative software products for Africa, Oasis ‘ founder Raindolf Owusu faced difficulties in managing his expanding client base. Oasis needed to determine a way to better understand and meet the needs of its clients. With this in mind, they sought the services of Start Smart.

Start Smart’s Solution

To meet Oasis’ customer relationship management needs, Start Smart worked closely with the client to:

  • Document their current processes- identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the needs of their current and potential clients
  • Identify an ideal future state in which Oasis was better able to manage client communications, encourage feedback and lay the foundation for one-time projects to be transformed into long lasting working relationships
What Oasis has to Say:

Juliana and her team are great people to work with, and their commitment to producing high quality and timely work is unparalleled. They helped me take my business to the next level, by transforming the way that I manage my clients. I’m no longer just a web developer, but a business professional. I really appreciate the entrepreneurial insights that they were able to share with me.

- Raindolf Owusu, Founder, Oasis WebSoft

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